VentureBeat // CMO Council Promo Video

At the request of VentureBeat's Director of Marketing, I was tasked with organizing and owning the creative direction, vision, storyline, and production of a promotional video for VB Insight's new CMO Council. I worked directly with a contracted videographer, VB CEO, Matt Marshall, and VB's VP, Research, John Koetsier. Altogether, this project took 2.5 weeks to complete, from storyboarding to posting on YouTube.

Video Creative Brief:
VentureBeat CEO, Matt Marshall, and the VentureBeat Insight team want to create a promotional video to advertise the new CMO advisory council. This video should serve as an information piece about VB Insight, as well as generate interest amongst leading Chief Marketing Officers in the Silicon Valley to partake in the CMO Council itself. 
My Objective:
Own the creative direction, vision, storyline, and production of the video while organizing, communicating with, and overseeing the finished product with VB's contracted videographer.

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