Know Names // Design Exercise


App inspiration/competitor analysis.
Flow overview for adding a private note and visual association to a student profile. (Hint: The student's name is Ryan Towel)
Flow overview for learning names via basic, visual flashcards. Hints are pulled from the teacher's private notes, recorded pronunciation, and/or visual associations that they've tagged to the student profile. Any card that the teacher doesn't know gets pulled into the "Extra Credit" deck. 
Flow overview for learning names via interactive flashcards. Teachers have the option to speak or type the student's name. Once a name is entered, a "correct" or "incorrect" toast would appear and the next flashcard would automatically appear. 
Flow overview for matching student names to student photos. To start the game, teachers tap the play icon, which triggers a stopwatch for teachers to test their speed of memory. The game would automatically stop once the final cards are matched. Gamification at its finest. 
Flow overview for matching student names with their seat assignment. This is most helpful for those teachers who heavily rely on their seating chart for name recognition. The third screen shows what "disabled"/matched seats look like, which overlays the student name because the name from the roster is removed. The fourth image showcases a dialog for when a user tape the back arrow mid-game. 
Flow overview for when a teacher wants to quiz themselves. Screens two through six showcase the various question formats (inspired by Duolingo), and the final screen showcases results once finished. I decided to introduce an educational tip for the teacher (ironic) as a way to motivate them to better engage with those students they are less familiar with. This tip was borrowed from a user interviewee. 
Process diagrams, lists, and sequences. 
Wireframe sketches and layout configurations. 
High-fidelity mockup of class roster and a student's profile. 
High-fidelity mockup of a visual flashcard.
High-fidelity mockup of an interactive, face-to-name matching quiz question. 

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