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One of my first projects at MyFitnessPal was to create an upsell email that would increase user conversion rates to MyFitnessPal Premium. Though this was a very broad request, I reframed the initial ask to give the project more structure and direction, as well as collaborated with ten people across seven different teams—Marketing, Coaching, Data Science, Research/Insights, Nutrition, Product, and Design—to craft a more holistic product design solution. The final deliverables included three personalized emails that correspond to the three most common MFP user types, as well as a new email template structure that’s more visually engaging for desktop and mobile.

Original Design Request
Create an upsell email that would increase user conversion rates to MyFitnessPal Premium. 
Reframing the Problem
Business Goal: Revenue 
User Problem: As a user, I don't understand how I would benefit from MyFitnessPal Premium features. 
Hypothesis: If we better explain how MyFitnessPal Premium features map to user goals, then more users will subscribe to MyFitnessPal Premium.
Understanding the Space
What is MyFitnessPal Premium? How do we talk about it? Where do we talk about it?  
Catalog of instances where we talk about Premium. 
The nine features of MyFitnessPal Premium.
Understanding the User
Of the 100M+ MyFitnessPal users, most of their goals align to three categories: 
Special thanks to Matt Brooks, Norbert Kuscera, and Creative Stall for the three icons used above. Pulled from The Noun Project.
Knowing which users to target, I then mapped specific MyFitnessPal Premium features to those goals. This was the key to personalizing email messaging, which would better tell and sell the reasons why existing free users should subscribe to MyFitnessPal Premium. 
Once features were mapped to user goals, it was important to come up with flexible copy that could be reused and translated across different languages. To do this, I collaborated with a teammate who is the copy guru for capturing the "MFP voice". 
Example of flexible copy for the Custom Nutrient Dashboard feature. The three nutrients in bold are the only strings that change according to which email/user type the feature is communicated in. 
Iterate and Digitize
I began the design process by sketching out ideas and starring which layouts might work best. 
Early iterations of upsell emails. 
Final Design Solutions
Aside from personalized messaging, I also gathered various context-specific photos and created thumbnail infographics to further emphasize one cohesive storyline. The end results are three visual, personalized emails (according to user type/goal) for desktop and mobile platforms. 
Left: Personalized email focused on weight loss. Top right: Personalized email focused on athletic performance. Bottom right: Personalized email focused on health.

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