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In an effort to improve MyFitnessPal users’ Diary experience, I worked with a Product Manager to incorporate a quick, easy solution to copy yesterday’s meal to today. Thinking about the project and user experience holistically, the solution to this simple feature later evolved and transformed the way that users could quickly add food and exercise items on the go from their Diary or within MyFitnessPal’s search flow—swipe to add.

User Problem:
In a survey of over 10,000 MyFitnessPal users, the most requested feature was "a button under each meal heading that automatically copies what I ate yesterday for that meal." The Smart Copy tile is a feature that enables users to copy meals (or exercises) from yesterday to today with a single swipe.
Different iterations of swipe to copy meals. 
Usability testing:
To better understand whether our design solution resonated well with users, I worked with the User Research and Insights team to test its usability and compare/contrast that solution against two alternatives (below). In the end, 75% of tested users favored the built solution of swipe to copy.
Tested alternatives.
Final Design Solution: 
During the month of January, 17% of food loggers (1.2 million people) used the swipe to copy feature 5.3 million times. The feature is still being actively tested and improved, so it hasn’t been rolled out 100 percent to all users yet.
Swipe to Add:
Swipe to copy meals from yesterday to today directly transformed MyFitnessPal’s food and exercise logging experience because there was no reason why this quick, easy-to-use functionality shouldn’t exist within the search experience. This especially makes sense for active MyFitnessPal users who eat the same foods and/or portions of foods that appear in their recent, frequent, or recipes tab options, for example.

During the month of January, 11% of food loggers (756,000 people) used the swipe to add feature 8.6 million times. Discoverability around this feature is still being tested and improved.
Final design solution to swipe to copy yesterday's meal to today. Currently being rolled out on iOS for a portion of MyFitnessPal users.  
Final design solution for users to swipe to add food items to their Diary. Currently live for iOS users. 

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