The Deficiency Project // Graduate Thesis

For my graduate design thesis at Pratt Institute, I studied the user experience of reading Nutrition Facts Labels in an effort to examine if consumers understand micronutrient data. I also explored ways to enhance the consumer’s experience with this data by designing two simple, visual projects that empower users to take a proactive approach to abating micronutrient deficiencies through nutrient tracking and education.

“Micronutrient deficiencies affect nearly half of humanity.” 
Mason et al.
Front and back. 
Three books make up The Deficiency Project—Framework & Findings, Secondary Research, and Visual Project.
Key insights and questions are called out to grab the reader's attention. 
Red and black bars serve as graphic accents as well as pay homage to thick bars on the Nutrition Facts label.
Full-width, single column text mimics the block-like structure of Nutrition Facts labels. 
Quote blocks. 
Appendix of images. 
Layout Sketches:
To better understand ideas and be as efficient as possible, I sketched wireframes of various page layouts. 
Thesis Presentation:
The Deficiency Project—three books, one website, one mobile application, two posters, and a lot of late nights.  
Value proposition for my two visual projects. 

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