The New Franklin Avenue

A semester-long project for my Typography II class in the Grad ComD program at Pratt Institute.

Creative Brief:
1. Design, write, and create a book inspired by a New York City experience.
2. Create a motion piece using the book project as a subject.
As a former city planner, the history of neighborhoods, gentrification, and diversity are all topics that fascinate me. Therefore, I found it natural to focus this assignment on my small, gentrifying neighborhood in Brooklyn—Franklin Avenue. Using the area's demographic and culinary diversity, strong history of racial tensions, and current statistics and census data for inspiration, the finished products are an informative coffee-table book and stop-motion video about the new Franklin Avenue.
Book Overview:
The New Franklin Avenue explores the history and rapid change of a small neighborhood in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Diverse in history, population, and a current influx of restaurants and cafes, this book highlights why Franklin Avenue is the newest stop on the gentrification express train. Colors used reflect the large population of West Indians who reside in the neighborhood, and a contrast of typefaces depicts the racial tensions amongst residents. 
Front cover.
Geometric shapes of color appear throughout the book to highlight information and/or create a focal point. 
Graphic elements also foster interactive relationships between pages. 
Horizontal bar chart infographic. 
Typographic system contrast. 
Rent increase infographic. 
Culinary pages layout. 
Culinary page system elements: Name, contact information, hours, and personalized description. 
Back cover. 
Motion Piece:
Capturing the upbeat character of the neighborhood, this motion piece introduces the viewer to Franklin Avenue using only imagery and statistics. The fast-paced music ties into the rapid change of the area, and the treatment of photos reflects the inside of the book itself.
Music: "It's Alright" by Matt and Kim 
Opening frame. 
Typographic transition.
Though not required of the original assignment, I decided to translate the Culinary chapter of The New Franklin Avenue into a website. Clean and icon-based, the bold design mimics the interior pages of the book itself.
Home page.
Site map.

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