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As the project owner, UX designer, and web designer, I collaborated with the VB Engineering team to develop a universal VB user account system. Currently, two user account systems exist with different functionalities. The challenge with this project was to understand, merge, and expand these user functionalities, as well as predict and tailor new ones for the growing list of VB offerings. The ultimate goal was to create a consistent user experience that was not only clean and easy to navigate, but also consistently branded to reflect VB.

Profile view.
Edit account page/fields. 
Purchased reports. 
Purchased subscriptions (collapsed view). 
Purchased subscriptions (expanded view with included reports). Each report card redirects the user to the individual report page on VB Insight, where they can learn more about the report listed and preview it. 
Payment history. Each item description is clickable and redirects the user to that product page. 
Stored user payment methods. 
Add a credit card page, which also doubles as the "update card" page for editing credit card information. 
Example of a popup window to confirm user selections. 
Site map. 

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