WAV Android

In September 2016, I was asked to create an Android experience for WAV Music, which would be based on the iOS redesign that I had just done previously. Unfamiliar with Android products and Material Design patterns, this required a lot of research and competitor analysis. It also required a lot of iterative comparisons across both iOS and Android to make sure that pages on both platforms had the same structure and design elements throughout. The end result can be seen in some sample screenshots below.   
Left: WAV feed, from which users can engage with friends' posts, make their own WAV, or search across tracks, artists, users, and hashtags. 
Center: My Profile view, which showcases user WAVs, friends, followers, and curated playlists. 
Right: Now Playing view, which also incorporates elastic search functionality from the WAV feed. 
Left: Notifications screen.
Center: Journey feature, which allows users to discover trending songs, artists, and hashtags from other users across the globe. 
Right: Share a WAV experience, where users can add their own message and/or externally post to social media (in addition to the WAV feed). 
Left: Elastic search experience with four tabs for users to focus their search based on tracks, artists, users, or hashtags. 
Center: Curated playlist view with a now playing song in focus. 
Right: Individual track view, which showcases all of the WAVs about that particular track as well as current listeners for users to discover new friends. 

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