WAV // iOS Redesign

In July 2016, I started consulting part-time for WAV Music, a social sharing music platform for iOS that integrates Spotify and SoundCloud APIs. Collaborating directly with the Founder/CEO and CTO, my role consists of redesigning their existing app and owning the creative direction; creating a better and consistent product experience across iOS, and soon Android and web platforms; guiding their brand voice; as well as advocating for the user during product and feature development.

Below are snapshots of the iOS redesign, with before comparisons to the right of each larger image.       
First image: Updated newsfeed. The goal was to not only create balance within each "card", but to give more emphasis to the content.  
Third image: My Profile redesign. 
First image: Now playing and external music libraries. The objective was to create more of an immersive experience between the user and album art.
Third image: Notifications screen redesign, which now incorporates follow requests and visual thumbnail references for the user to know which WAV they're being notified about. 
First image: Journey feature redesign. This allows users to discover top songs, trending artists, and hashtags across the globe, further promoting a shared music experience and community. 
Third image: Updated social sharing and commenting experience when making a new WAV. The user also has the ability to play the song that they've selected just in case they want to quote a verse, chorus, or relive the emotional experience that prompted them to share this track. 

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